How To Select Scuba Gears

Gliding through the water beneath the surface, I can only hope that I am prepared with the best equipment. When selecting my mask, there are a few things that I need to check for.

First, I need to make sure that underwater, I am seeing through a wide lens. In order to ensure this, I choose to use the Versa from The extremely wide structure not only accommodates to the face of any diver, but I am able to see things in a much larger capacity – both horizontally and vertically. The next thing I want to make sure of is the shape of the gear. If I am underwater, the last thing I want to worry about any excess water seeping into the mask. With this in mind, I would also choose the Ventura+ Model from This piece of equipment’s “Wide headpiece on silicone strap conforms to the user’s head to ensure a comfortable, secure fit

High-grade silicone material allows the facial skirt to flex and naturally mold around facial contours for a leak-free seal” ( Lastly, it is also important to make sure your gear displays comfort in addition to quality. When considering this fact, I would buy the Sherwood Scuba Onyx. The reason I would choose this piece of equipment is because this gear provides a near-custom fit. With a near-custom fit, this model will not only provide safety, but will provide comfort that will keep me relaxed under the water.

All of these qualities are incredibly important when considering the type of equipment I choose to take scuba diving with me. Now, every individual may be different, but when I am under water and put my trust in equipment, I need a mask that has a great lens, protective shape, and a large amount of comfort.