How to Choose Scuba Fins

If you are into scuba diving, it is easy to know that the scuba fins are part of the gear for any scuba diving activity. The number of scuba fins on the market today can make it hard to make a decision on the best set of fins that work for you. The fins vary based on the materials used to make them and the design. Below is how to choose the best scuba fins for any scuba diving enthusiast.

Based on the Type of Scuba Fins

The foot pocket type is a commonly used set of scuba fins by many divers. The full foot fins are lighter and more flexible as compared to many other types. With the foot pocket fins, you can easily wade your way through the water. Being lightweight makes the fins great when you have to reduce the weight of the equipment needed for diving.

Another notable type of scuba fins is the blade type. Many companies manufacture the blade type scuba fins because of their improved performance and kick cycle capability. You will still not use a lot of energy to move through the water with such fins.

The Size

Unlike scuba masks, scuba diving fins come in different sizes. You have to choose based on your foot size. It is important to feel comfortable when wearing the fin during the diving activity. Take the time to go through various fin types to find the right size. Some manufacturers now have an adjustable heel fins that can be resized to make the fins fit perfectly.

Comparing Different Scuba Fins

Sometimes the best way of identifying the best scuba fins is through making a comparison. Check out several types of the scuba fins to understand their uses, pros and cons. Many online stores today will have a full description of the product and reviews sometimes. The reviews of any set of scuba fins should uncover a number of things the manufacturer might have missed. Real people who have used the fins will share their experiences with other people to help them make a better judgment.

Buckles or Straps

Most fins would use the buckles or straps as a way of holding them around the ankles during the diving. The use of buckles and straps makes it easy to wear and take off the fins easily. A great set of fins should have an easy way of tightening or loosening the buckles or straps.

Before choosing the buckles, you need to understand its locking and release mechanism. For the quick release buckles, they will allow you to remove the fins without loosening much on the strap lock. You can now maintain the best tension and use the fin next time without having to adjust the straps again before any scuba diving activity.

The spring straps have gained popularity recently as the best way to replace the buckle system. There is a loop at the back of the strap with will make it easy to wear the fins without wasting too much time. The tension on the fins is automatically adjusted to suit any wearer with different foot size.